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I came across a hummingbird during my prayer walk this morning. The colour was brilliant on this beautiful little creature with the green forest backdrop. I was mesmerized by this little bird and began thinking about how God cares for it. If God delights and cares for this little creature how much more does He care for all those living in Burnaby.   BB

I was prayer walking chosen street when I heard a noise. I looked up to see a man standing by his truck. He had dropped something and it had rolled partway under his vehicle. He seemed perplexed as to how to retrieve it.  I offered to retrieve it for him and he accepted my offer. He rolled up his pant leg to show me his artificial leg that included part of his knee and told the terrible story behind it. His wife arrived and I "blessed" him as he left.

This was the first time I ever met anyone on my prayer walks and I am encouraged to make this a more regular practice and to be more prepared to engage anyone I would meet. LO

As I prayer walked 6th street, I was struck by the presence of the Sikh and Muslim communities.  On this street laced with restaurants, car dealerships, and beauty salons, Westminster Bible Chapel is strategically placed.  I prayed for Brian Thompson and the Westminster Bible Chapel family. 

I was also impressed by the values expressed by the commercial establishments:  restaurants, coffee shops, beauty salons, health and wellness, cars and boats.  Our society leads us to live for our own pleasure.  I pray the people on 6th Street will find true and abundant life in Jesus.